Schools and Conferences


Workshop “Swarm Robotics: Pushing the State of the Art”, Rome, IT. [Invited Speaker]

ICTP “Conference on Collective Behavior”,  Trieste, IT. [Speaker]

APS March Meeting, Los Angeles, USA. [Speaker]

Workshop “From Active Matter to Complex Fluids”, Nice, FR. [Speaker]


Workshop “Mathematical Models in Ecology and Evolution”, London, UK. [Invited Speaker]

APS March Meeting, New Orleans, USA. [Speaker]


 Conference on Complex Systems CCS16, Amsterdam, NL. [Speaker]

 Workshop “Collective Motion 2016”, Uppsala, SE. [Organizer]

 Summer school “Mediterranean School of Complex Networks”, Salina, IT. [Speaker]


“Granada Seminar on Computational and Statistical Physics”, La Herradura, ESP. [Poster]


YRNCS Multidisciplinary Workshop, Lucca, IT. [Speaker]

Workshop “Interaction Networks and Collective Motion in Swarms, Flocks and Crowds”, Helsinki, FI. [Speaker]


Workshop “Collective motion in biological systems: from data to models”, Bielefeld, DE. [Speaker]

European Conference on Complex Systems, ECCS12, Brussels, BE. [Poster]

 Summer school “Collective Behavior”, Uppsala (Sweden).

 Summer school “Emergent order in Biology”, Cargèse, FR. [Speaker]


3rd Swedish Meeting on Mathematics in Biology, Umeå, SE. [Poster]

European Conference on Complex Systems ECCS11, Vienna, AT. [Poster]

Summer school “Collective Dynamics and Pattern Formation in Active Matter Systems”, Dresden, DE. [Poster]


 Workshop on Complex Systems “MINT2010”, ISC-PIF, Paris, FR.