A. Bottinelli, S. Henkes, and J.L. Silverberg, “Can high-density human collective motion be forecasted by spatiotemporal fluctuations?” Preprint on the arXiv!

A. Bottinelli, M. Gherardi, and M. Barthelemy, “Efficiency and shrinking in evolving networks”, Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 16: 20190101, (2019) [A quantitative study of the evolution of the French Railway network] [Download]

A. Bottinelli and J.L. Silverberg, “How to: Using Mode Analysis to Quantify, Analyze, and Interpret the Mechanisms of High-Density Collective Motion”, Frontiers in Applied Mathematics and Statistics, 3, 26, (2017). [Invited by the editors for a special issue about “novel technological and methodological tools for understanding collective behavior”.][Download]

A. Bottinelli, R. Louf, and M. Gherardi , “Balancing building and maintenance costs in growing transport networks”, Physical Review E, 96 032316 (2017). [Theoretical paper inspired by my previous work on ant transport networks. From an independent collaboration.][Download]

A. Bottinelli, D.J.T. Sumpter, and J.L. Silverberg, “Emergent Structural Mechanisms for High-Density Collective Motion Inspired by Human Crowds”, Physical Review Letters, 117, 228301, (2016). [This paper presents the first results obtained by using mode analysis to understand and predict collective motion in high-density crowds.] [Download][Supplemental][Press]

A. Bottinelli, E. van Wilgenburg, D.J.T Sumpter, and T. Latty, “Local cost minimisation in ant transport networks: from small-scale data to large-scale tradeoffs”, Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 12 20150780 (2015). [Interdisciplinary work in collaboration with Dr. Latty, at the University of Sydney.][Download][Press]

A. Bottinelli, A. Perna, A.J.W. Ward, D.J.T. Sumpter, “How do fish use the movement of other fish to make decisions?”, Proceedings of the European Conference on Complex Systems 2012, Springer International Publishing (2013). [My first project in animal collective behaviour.][Download]

A. Bottinelli, B. Bassetti, M.C. Lagomarsino, M. Gherardi, “Influence of homology and node age on the growth of protein-protein interaction networks.”, Physical Review E, 86 041919 (2012). [Publication from my master thesis.][Download]


You can download my PhD thesis here. 

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