Media Coverage

High-Density Crowds Research

 “Emergent Structural Mechanisms for High-Density Collective Motion Inspired by Human Crowds”, Physical Review Letters, 2016

Podcast interview for BBC’s “Deeply Human”

TV interview for SVT nyether (Swedish television, in Swedish)

Radio interview for p3nyether (in Swedish)

Radio interview for SverigesRadio (in Swedish)

In print

2022 – Una calca mortale: come sopravvivere ad una folla impazzita  (A mortal mob: how to survive a crowd gone mad) Interview for the popular science magazine Focus (Italian).

2019 – Folla da paura (A scary crowd) Interview with Riccardo Oldani for the popular science magazine Focus (Italian).

2017 – Likt en våg på havet växter rörelsen sig större (Like a wave on the sea, the movement grows larger) phone interview for Magasinet Filter (Swedish)

2016 – Sand hjälper forskare att förstå (Sand helps researchers at understanding) via the Swedish national newspaper Dagens Nyether

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Video by p3nyether Swedish radio on Instagram, counting 10k+ views

The Physics of Mass Gatherings and the Trump Inauguration via Huffington Post

Live to See Next Thanksgiving by Dodging a Black Friday Stampede via Inverse

Scientists model mass gatherings, identify the risks of large crowds via UPI

Hårdrockfans kan stoppa katastrof (Hard Rock fans can stop catastrophes) via UNT (Uppsala online news), in Swedish

Katastrofer i folksamlingar kan förutses med matematik (Disasters in crowds can be predicted by mathematics) via Forskning, in Swedish

Transport Networks Research

 “Local cost minimisation in ant transport networks: from small-scale data to large-scale tradeoffs”, Journal of the Royal Society Interface, 2015

How ants could influence urban planning via The Fifth Estate

Ants are incredibly cost-efficient urban planners via CityLab

Ants Improve Network Design via I F**king Love Science

Going the ant way via Live Mint

Myror kan lära oss bli bättre på infrastruktur (Ants can teach us to get better on infrastructure) via SVT nyether, in Swedish

Las hormigas nos enseñan los mejores caminos (Ants teach us the best ways) via El Español, in Spanish

Svelato il segreto delle reti di trasporto delle formiche (The secret of ant transport networks is finally revealed) via Galileo, in Italian