Talks and Seminars

Invited Talks


“Open Access and the challenge of Open Science”, Orbital Consortium seminar series, Online.


“Open Access and the challenge of Open Science”, Third Infinity 2020, Goettingen, Germany [Download here]


“Predicting collective motion in high-density crowds”, Interdisciplinary Challenges in Non-Equilibrium Physics, Edinburgh, UK.


“Predicting collective motion in high-density crowds and swarm systems”, Swarm Robotics: Pushing the State of the Art, Rome, IT.


“The breakdown of coordination and the emergence of dangerous collective motions in high-density crowds.”, Mathematical Models in Ecology and Evolution, London, UK.

Contributed Talks


“The physics of high-density crowds.” ICTP Conference on Collective Behavior, Trieste, IT.

“The physics of rock concerts.” APS March Meeting, Los Angeles, USA.

“The physics of high-density crowd disasters.”,  workshop “From Active Matter to Complex Fluids”, Nice, FR.


“Jammed Humans in High-Density Crowd Disasters”, 2017 APS March Meeting, New Orleans, USA.


“The modes of high-density crowds.”, 2016 Conference on Complex Systems, Amsterdam, NL.


“Learning from ants: how to build balanced transport networks at small and large scale”, Mediterranean School of Complex Networks, Salina, IT.


“What rules do ants follow to link their nests?”, workshop “Interaction Networks and Collective Motion in Swarms, Flocks and Crowds”, Helsinki, FI.


“How do fish use the movement of other fish to make decisions?”, summer school “Emergent order in Biology”, Cargese, FR, and workshop “Collective motion in biological systems: from data to models”, Dresden, DE.

Invited Seminars


The physics of high-density crowds (and rock concerts).” Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Physics, Newcastle University (UK)


The physics of high-density crowds (and rock concerts).” DAMTP, University of Cambridge, UK.

The physics of high-density crowds (and rock concerts).” INRIA, Robotics and Computer Science Department, University of Rennes, FR.

The physics of high-density crowds (and rock concerts).” Bartolo Lab, Physics department, ENS Lyon, FR.

The physics of high-density crowds.”, Soft and Biological Matter group, Physics Department, University of Oxford, UK.


The physics of high-density crowds.”, Syracuse Biomaterials Institute and Physics Department, Syracuse University, USA.

Collective motion and information transfer in high-density crowds.” Department of Applied Mathematics, City, University of London, UK.


“The modes of crowd disasters.”, Nordic Institute for Theoretical Physics, Stockholm, SE.

“Ant-inspired models for the growth of transport networks”, Namur Centre for Complex Systems, Namur, BE.


“Self Propelled Particles models for collective behaviour”, YRNCS Multidisciplinary workshop, Lucca, IT.

Popular Science


“Ants and Mathematics”, invited pop-sci talk at the Swedish outdoor association’s annual meeting, Uppsala, SE.


2015. Granada Seminar, Granada, ESP.

2012. ECCS12, Brussels, BE.

2011. ECCS11, Vienna, AT.

2011. 3rd Swedish Meeting on Mathematics in Biology, Umeå, SE.